...for later
We refuse to predict the future of cinema and reject fatality.
We are celebrating technology as one of the actors of a collective spectacle that will diffuse across the interior of Rio cinema.
The festival embraces the idea of never defining itself to allow for a constant renewal of computational cinema. Breaking from the temptation of structuring around a dogma, this flexibility is not a weakness, it is a malleable yet precise project.
Dates and Admission

Opening Night with Screenings and Performances

18th November 11:30pm - 2am

Screenings start at 11:30, arrive earlier to see the exhibition
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18th - 20th November

During cinema opening hours, free of charge

Spectacle for later is organised by Eden Chahal and Marisa Di Monda.
Visual design by Sunnioo, website by Jonas Gr├╝nwald.